PM accuses Uswitch of hiding best deals

PM accuses Uswitch of hiding best deals – energy scanner for business doesn’t

The Prime Minister has blasted energy site uSwitch for hiding the best deals from users, according to a report in The Sun.

The reality is, comparing prices and switching isn’t free. Even that bastion of the consumer – Martin Lewis – acknowledges he gets paid for his services!  Sites need to pay their staff and costs.  But that shouldn’t mean that customers get a shoddy deal.

If you’re looking to compare business energy, don’t get caught in the Uswitch trap!

If you’re using a broker or price comparison service for business energy, ask:

  1. How many prices are they comparing from?
  2. What’s their commission on the offer they’re promoting?

At, we’re the only business price comparison and switching service that is 100% unbiased (unfortunately the rest pretend to be; but they’re not). We compare all the prices from suppliers who are willing to display prices online.  We don’t promote business energy prices or hide offers based on commissions. Never have. Never will