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Tories’ on smart meters; do they risk holding Britain back?

There’s more to the Tories’ proposed energy policy than just a price cap on domestic energy The Conservative’s Manifesto includes a number of dramatic energy initiatives; the biggest headline grabber has been the proposed price cap on household energy bills. But lurking deep in the 60 page document there’s more: a proposal to extend the […]

The ‘Great British Home Energy Roll Over Trap’: Don’t Get Caught!

  What’s the ‘roll over trap’? The ‘roll over trap’ is how energy companies make profit from customers who’ve switched one year, but then forgotten to do it again.  And it’s a tactic that generates some big energy companies up to £300m a year in earnings. Here’s how it works:  You shop around for a cheap […]

Price cap on rising home energy costs coming

Five of the Big 6 energy companies have rapidly increased their ‘standard variable tariff’ (SVT) in recent months, with some increasing it by as much as 15%.  The Government has reacted. Against a backdrop of rising inflation hurting households and growing concern in Government over the effectiveness of the energy market, the Conservatives have pledged to […]

The water market for businesses has changed.

The water market in England, and the way it serves businesses, fundamentally changed on 1 April 2017.  However, most businesses either don’t know about it, or what it means for them. If you’re a business owner, what do you need to know? What is it all about? Up until now, the supply of all water and […]

PM accuses Uswitch of hiding best deals

PM accuses Uswitch of hiding best deals – energy scanner for business doesn’t The Prime Minister has blasted energy site uSwitch for hiding the best deals from users, according to a report in The Sun. The reality is, comparing prices and switching isn’t free. Even that bastion of the consumer – Martin Lewis – acknowledges he gets […]

The smaller, lighter, more sophisticated £1 coin

After 30 odd years, the iconic £1 coin is about to get a major makeover.  From 28 March 2017 a state of the art 12 sided coin will be introduced into circulation.  Thinner, lighter and slightly larger than the existing coin, the new £1 coin is designed to thwart counterfeiting; it’s estimated than 1/3 of […]

Simple ways SMEs can prepare for Brexit Britain

We all know that the UK is leaving the EU’s single market. And depending on your political and economic views, this could be a good or a bad thing – only time will tell.  As businesses we can’t control the outcomes, but we can and should take steps to navigate the uncertainty. Here are some practical tips, […]

Turning the Tide on banking for SMEs

We love new businesses that aim to make life easy for small and micro businesses, especially those than cut through the painful processes of bigger businesses and can solve your problems quickly and easily. Our latest discovery is Tide. So what’s Tide? Tide is a challenger banking service, designed especially to help micro and small businesses […]

Tens of thousands affected British Gas billing errors

Are you one of thousands of small businesses affected by British Gas billing errors? The good news is: with our contract and bill validation service we can help! Yesterday, Ofgem (the energy industry regulator) announced it had fined British Gas £9.5m after bungling the billing and complaints of tens of thousands of its business customers during […]