Almost 1 in 3 businesses say energy costs are their biggest barrier to success

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reported last week that almost a third of businesses regard energy costs as a major hurdle on the track to success.

The limited success rates for start-up businesses, plus the constant challenge to maintain prosperity for those more established, mean that paying too much for energy provision is certainly something that can hamper businesses even further.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. An interesting article from (research conducted by npower Business) this week revealed that using the power of negotiation, Britain’s small business community has managed to save £511 million in the past year.

What can we take from this? Well, it’s clear that many SMEs are keen to learn more about cutting the cost of their energy supply, and indeed some are actively taking this up with their providers, but usually after the initial contract has been agreed.

However the research published in goes on to say that 70 per cent of businesses don’t take the time to negotiate with their energy supplier before agreeing to a contract. Here lies the problem.

Any business owner will attest to the fact that running a small business, whether it’s new or established, is a serious commitment with a plethora of responsibilities, which just seem to suck time away.

So it’s not necessarily the case that businesses don’t want to negotiate – after all part of the buzz of being in business is securing great deals – rather it’s having the time to do so.

Energy Scanner understands this and our mission is to help make it easier for the SME community to find the best energy deal from the outset using an online marketplace that enhances the line of communication between SMEs and Energy Suppliers.

And that makes for great negotiation, which is another step towards business success.