Fee Transparency

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Are there any costs involved in using our energy switching service?

We don’t charge you for using Energy Scanner to compare prices.  However, if you do choose to switch to a new supplier using Energy Scanner we charge that supplier a fee for processing your switch.  Your new supplier may choose to include part or all of the cost of this fee in their energy prices.  Critically, the price you see on screen is the final price – there are absolutely no additional fees or charges.

We want you to get the right deal for you, based on which ever supplier is offering the lowest prices in market on the day.  So, importantly and unlike everyone else, we do not favour one supplier over another based on preferential commission structures. Every supplier is charged the exact same fee for switches. This currently is set on the day & ranges from £0.004/kWh to £0.008/kWh, and is applied equally to each supplier. This means we’re impartial and unbiased, making the choice of supplier much clearer for you.

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How often are the prices updated?

This can depend on the supplier and the market. We are notified directly by suppliers when their prices change. These are then immediately input into our pricing matrix to make sure that the prices you see are as up-to-date as possible. Prices for some suppliers may change every day or every week whilst other suppliers’ prices may not be changed for a number of months.

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How long does it take to switch suppliers?

Switching suppliers normally takes between 4 to 8 weeks to complete. However, various factors can change this, for example if you are still in contract with another supplier or if the new supplier does not have all information that they require to complete the switch. If you use our online service the time taken to switch will be greatly reduced as all details are captured by our system and the contract is signed electronically.

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