Unplug, switch off and repeat: SMEs could save up to £75 million

SMEs could save up to £75 million on business energy

It’s not just the inefficient use of heating, lighting, windows and doors that contributes to energy waste in the workplace. Office equipment and electronic devices such as computers, printers and TV screens cause spikes in bills that put pressure on the bottom line. These three devices alone equate to an average loss of £30 a year for SMEs.Leaving appliances switched on, in stand-by mode or plugged into the power socket can leak energy (and money). Follow these three simple steps and SMEs could collectively save up to £75 million a year.

1. Monitor your monitor

Eight per cent of electricity use in the UK is spent on computing equipment, such as desktops and monitors. Similarly, communal equipment such as printers, copiers and scanners generate an extra cost of £18.25 if left on standby. Turning monitors off is a step towards reducing impending energy bills.

2. Mind the red dot

Did you know that three quarters of those with a spare TV keep it on standby? This alone equates to a cost of up to £80 a year. Much like PCs and monitors, breaking the standby habit will reduce waste and cut down on any extra costs.

3. Flick the switch

Leaving appliances such as modems, laptops, office phones and radios on standby can generate a large amount of energy wastage. In fact, these ‘vampire appliances’ add between nine and 16 per cent to annual energy bills. Consider the office wireless router for example. Switching this off at the wall could save £21.92worth of energy.