Empowering SMEs to make the right decision about their energy supply

Lost in all the noise about cold calling consumers, there is actually some good news for UK SME’s coming out of the CMA’s provisional report (‘CMA Energy Market Investigation and remedies report’) published on 10th March.

Energy is the lifeblood of every business, and the CMA wants SMEs to stop paying over the odds for it. Transparency is paramount here, and educators within the industry need to inform SME owners about getting the best deal for their energy supply.

The CMA wants to solve that by making it easier for SMEs to shop around and get a better deal, which is exactly what Energy Scanner is seeking to achieve. We want to put the power back into the hands of SMEs.

But, SMEs don’t have the luxury of waiting while Whitehall ponders, and while the playing field in the industry levels out. The day-to-day struggles of being an SME, in such a competitive environment, mean that there is little time to manually shop around looking for the best deal. The Energy Scanner platform seeks to provide SMEs with an online marketplace, where they can quickly work out what the best contract is for them.

SMEs are telling us that they’d like to see a change, to have a choice when it comes to their energy provision and to have a better understanding of how they can shop around. They want change today, and don’t want to wait until the next Parliament.

Energy Scanner wants to see change today as well. Our mission is to empower SMEs to make the right decision about their energy supply.