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Price cap on rising home energy costs coming

Five of the Big 6 energy companies have rapidly increased their ‘standard variable tariff’ (SVT) in recent months, with some increasing it by as much as 15%.  The Government has reacted. Against a backdrop of rising inflation hurting households and growing concern in Government over the effectiveness of the energy market, the Conservatives have pledged to […]

PM accuses Uswitch of hiding best deals

PM accuses Uswitch of hiding best deals – energy scanner for business doesn’t The Prime Minister has blasted energy site uSwitch for hiding the best deals from users, according to a report in The Sun. The reality is, comparing prices and switching isn’t free. Even that bastion of the consumer – Martin Lewis – acknowledges he gets […]

Turning the Tide on banking for SMEs

We love new businesses that aim to make life easy for small and micro businesses, especially those than cut through the painful processes of bigger businesses and can solve your problems quickly and easily. Our latest discovery is Tide. So what’s Tide? Tide is a challenger banking service, designed especially to help micro and small businesses […]

Energy News 6 Dec 2016: Prices fall

Finally, energy prices fall back to normal levels After a couple of months of sky high prices in wholesale markets, which ultimately claimed GB Energy, we’ve finally seen normality return to wholesale power markets since prices rocketed northward in early September. The on-going uncertainty over French Nuclear seems to have dissipated, after the French issued a statement […]

What can SMEs learn from the GB Energy failure?

As posted earlier in the week, GB Energy, which supplied households, collapsed last weekend after it’s business became untenable in the face of very volatile wholesale energy prices. Co-operative Energy has come to the rescue after agreeing to take on board GB Energy’s customers, who were left without a supplier and were owed millions of pounds on their […]

The Sun’s ‘explosive claims’ 15 Nov 2016

The Sun: ‘energy firms are hiding profits’. Earlier this week The Sun made some big claims that energy companies are making extraordinary profits and hiding it. A bit like listening to politicians, it’s impossible to know who’s right. The Sun alleges energy companies make too much money because consumers don’t bother to lock in great […]

CMA: Businesses paying £280m more per year for energy

(Energy Live News) Small and medium sized businesses have been paying hundreds of millions of pounds more for their gas and electricity every year. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found “excess profits” made by the Big Six companies from supplying energy to SME customers amounted to around £280 million per year from 2007 to […]

Energy-Scanner aims to get SMEs switching

(New Power) Small and medium businesses (SMEs) get a competitive raw deal, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) observed. But SMEs such as independent shops and garages, B&Bs and others sign up to 2.5 million energy contracts every year, and a new company – Energy Scanner – aims to offer them an easy online switching […]

Demand-side response: five barriers to business take-up

(Utility Week) Last year, National Grid pledged to revolutionise energy in the UK, creating a flexible system that relies on demand side response (DSR) for more than 50 per cent of the time by 2030. But the system operator can’t achieve this transformation without the buy-in of customers. The most important at this stage are […]

Plan your business budget … and stay in control – expert tips

(The Guardian) In The Guardian’s live Q&A on business budget planning, Rebecca Harrison-Vickers, who looks after the SME propositions team at E.ON, said: “Energy costs tend to be the second or third biggest outgoing after rent and yet many small business owners don’t take action.” Suggested using forecasting tools to help businesses understand how they’ve […]