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Price cap on rising home energy costs coming

Five of the Big 6 energy companies have rapidly increased their ‘standard variable tariff’ (SVT) in recent months, with some increasing it by as much as 15%.  The Government has reacted. Against a backdrop of rising inflation hurting households and growing concern in Government over the effectiveness of the energy market, the Conservatives have pledged to […]

The water market for businesses has changed.

The water market in England, and the way it serves businesses, fundamentally changed on 1 April 2017.  However, most businesses either don’t know about it, or what it means for them. If you’re a business owner, what do you need to know? What is it all about? Up until now, the supply of all water and […]

Energy News 6 Dec 2016: Prices fall

Finally, energy prices fall back to normal levels After a couple of months of sky high prices in wholesale markets, which ultimately claimed GB Energy, we’ve finally seen normality return to wholesale power markets since prices rocketed northward in early September. The on-going uncertainty over French Nuclear seems to have dissipated, after the French issued a statement […]

What can SMEs learn from the GB Energy failure?

As posted earlier in the week, GB Energy, which supplied households, collapsed last weekend after it’s business became untenable in the face of very volatile wholesale energy prices. Co-operative Energy has come to the rescue after agreeing to take on board GB Energy’s customers, who were left without a supplier and were owed millions of pounds on their […]

Latest Energy News 21 Nov 2016

Could the upward trend in energy prices be slowing? The last two weeks have finally seen a shift from the steep uptrend seen in wholesale gas and power markets since early September. In the power markets, short term factors are continuing to weigh heavily on short term prices, principally due to on-going uncertainty over French Nuclear. […]

Energy News – Rising Prices – 28 Oct 2016

How to avoid the skyrocketing wholesale power prices With winter approaching, most people are turning on the heating. But this winter is a little different to last.  Wholesale power prices have recently skyrocketed.  Gas prices have risen too. What’s causing the skyrocketing energy prices? The reasons for the massive power price rises are varied, but […]

Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year

Last year fraud losses to SMEs were estimated at £18.9 billion according to the Action Fraud team, City of London Police, the national policing lead for fraud. At Energy Scanner we spend a fair bit of time talking to other businesses in the community so we can better serve them. We’ve noticed a familiar theme. […]

Almost 1 in 3 businesses say energy costs are their biggest barrier to success

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reported last week that almost a third of businesses regard energy costs as a major hurdle on the track to success. The limited success rates for start-up businesses, plus the constant challenge to maintain prosperity for those more established, mean that paying too much for energy provision is certainly […]

Business could save £1bn through energy behaviour change

(The Daily Telegraph) British companies could save as much as £1bn on their energy bills by changing their ‘energy behaviours’ rather than rely on technical solutions, according to Npower energy experts Npower Business Solutions, a division of the Big Six supplier, said that it has already helped customers to drive bills down by £26m after […]