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Tories’ on smart meters; do they risk holding Britain back?

There’s more to the Tories’ proposed energy policy than just a price cap on domestic energy The Conservative’s Manifesto includes a number of dramatic energy initiatives; the biggest headline grabber has been the proposed price cap on household energy bills. But lurking deep in the 60 page document there’s more: a proposal to extend the […]

Hidden costs harming SME community

Energy sector brokers ‘not upfront’ about their commission costs Amidst growing concern by regulators over the lack of transparency surrounding commissions being charged by brokers who sell energy to small businesses, a new online marketplace, Energy-Scanner, has launched in the UK to empower small business owners to take back control of their energy contracts. With […]

Energising customer service throughout the industry

Customer service has always been a hot topic of debate throughout the energy industry. In recent weeks, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has reviewed the UK energy market to assess whether the industry as a whole needs to re-energise its customer service levels. Needless to say, the initial response hasn’t been great with issues […]

Empowering SMEs to make the right decision about their energy supply

Lost in all the noise about cold calling consumers, there is actually some good news for UK SME’s coming out of the CMA’s provisional report (‘CMA Energy Market Investigation and remedies report’) published on 10th March. Energy is the lifeblood of every business, and the CMA wants SMEs to stop paying over the odds for […]

Interview: Neil O’Hara, chief executive, Energy Scanner

(Utility Week) Our chief executive, Neil O’ Hara, speaks with utility week  on launch of Energy Scanner. Energy Scanner helps small businesses to switch energy suppliers  in just 3 minutes. Thanks to technology sitting in the background which creates bespoke quotes for each customer from the pricing matrices submitted by suppliers, small businesses can get a […]