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Latest SME Finance News

Finding a lender just got easier for SMEs You could be forgiven for thinking the UK is an economy comprised of banks. They’re always in the headlines. Things didn’t go to well for them in 2008. And, they’ve made their feelings on Brexit pretty clear! But the reality is the UK is actually a nation […]

The Sun’s ‘explosive claims’ 15 Nov 2016

The Sun: ‘energy firms are hiding profits’. Earlier this week The Sun made some big claims that energy companies are making extraordinary profits and hiding it. A bit like listening to politicians, it’s impossible to know who’s right. The Sun alleges energy companies make too much money because consumers don’t bother to lock in great […]

Energy News – Rising Prices – 28 Oct 2016

How to avoid the skyrocketing wholesale power prices With winter approaching, most people are turning on the heating. But this winter is a little different to last.  Wholesale power prices have recently skyrocketed.  Gas prices have risen too. What’s causing the skyrocketing energy prices? The reasons for the massive power price rises are varied, but […]

Three ways to save cash with your old equipment

Older, poorly maintained and inefficient equipment is one of the biggest culprits for energy wastage. This was the analysis from the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s SME Guide to Energy Efficiency. Much is made of industries ditching their legacy systems and equipment. But for SMEs there is often a cost constraint to throwing out […]

Three energy saving tips for the workplace

No-one likes waste. Whether that’s time, money or productivity, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs in the workplace where meeting targets and increasing profit is key. Energy is one cost that can prove expensive for SMEs and puts pressure on the bottom line. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has […]