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The ‘Great British Home Energy Roll Over Trap’: Don’t Get Caught!

  What’s the ‘roll over trap’? The ‘roll over trap’ is how energy companies make profit from customers who’ve switched one year, but then forgotten to do it again.  And it’s a tactic that generates some big energy companies up to £300m a year in earnings. Here’s how it works:  You shop around for a cheap […]

The water market for businesses has changed.

The water market in England, and the way it serves businesses, fundamentally changed on 1 April 2017.  However, most businesses either don’t know about it, or what it means for them. If you’re a business owner, what do you need to know? What is it all about? Up until now, the supply of all water and […]

The smaller, lighter, more sophisticated £1 coin

After 30 odd years, the iconic £1 coin is about to get a major makeover.  From 28 March 2017 a state of the art 12 sided coin will be introduced into circulation.  Thinner, lighter and slightly larger than the existing coin, the new £1 coin is designed to thwart counterfeiting; it’s estimated than 1/3 of […]

Tens of thousands affected British Gas billing errors

Are you one of thousands of small businesses affected by British Gas billing errors? The good news is: with our contract and bill validation service we can help! Yesterday, Ofgem (the energy industry regulator) announced it had fined British Gas £9.5m after bungling the billing and complaints of tens of thousands of its business customers during […]

Is business energy cheaper than domestic energy?

Many of our customers ask, “is business energy cheaper than domestic energy?” This question isn’t surprising because, according to the Office of National Statistics, more than 2.1m people now work from home. Many of these are what we call SOHOs (single owner home operator businesses) and micro businesses with 1 to 9 employees. Sometimes they […]

Citizens Advice new league table on business energy suppliers. Helpful or not?

Citizens Advice has launched a new league table aimed at helping small businesses compare how well energy suppliers are handling their complaints. The new ranking measures how effectively energy suppliers are dealing with complaints from small business customers across Great Britain. It places E.On on top, and Extra Energy firmly last. Information like this can […]

A very SME christmas: online tax followed by turkey

Record numbers of SMEs submitted their self-assessment tax returns to HMRC on Christmas Day last year. Despite the fact that the self-assessment tax deadline falls at the end of January, record numbers of people feel the holidays are the perfect time to file their tax returns online with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Government figures […]

What can SMEs learn from the GB Energy failure?

As posted earlier in the week, GB Energy, which supplied households, collapsed last weekend after it’s business became untenable in the face of very volatile wholesale energy prices. Co-operative Energy has come to the rescue after agreeing to take on board GB Energy’s customers, who were left without a supplier and were owed millions of pounds on their […]

GB Energy collapses

GB Energy Supply has ceased trading Late last week the independent supplier informed its 160,000 domestic customers that the company has started a process “overseen by Ofgem” to move them to a new supplier. The company blames rising wholesale energy prices for making its position untenable. Market commentators predict other independent energy suppliers may go […]