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SME News & Tips 5 Sept 2016

Saving SMEs from toxic deals Small business owners can often be an easy target for brokers and other third-party intermediaries, especially within the energy industry. Many business owners may have been burnt in the past by brokers fluctuating prices concealed in complex, self-serving information. As a result, business owners could possibly find themselves forking out […]

Three ways to save cash with your old equipment

Older, poorly maintained and inefficient equipment is one of the biggest culprits for energy wastage. This was the analysis from the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s SME Guide to Energy Efficiency. Much is made of industries ditching their legacy systems and equipment. But for SMEs there is often a cost constraint to throwing out […]

Three energy saving tips for the workplace

No-one likes waste. Whether that’s time, money or productivity, businesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs in the workplace where meeting targets and increasing profit is key. Energy is one cost that can prove expensive for SMEs and puts pressure on the bottom line. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has […]

Energising customer service throughout the industry

Customer service has always been a hot topic of debate throughout the energy industry. In recent weeks, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has reviewed the UK energy market to assess whether the industry as a whole needs to re-energise its customer service levels. Needless to say, the initial response hasn’t been great with issues […]

Almost 1 in 3 businesses say energy costs are their biggest barrier to success

The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) reported last week that almost a third of businesses regard energy costs as a major hurdle on the track to success. The limited success rates for start-up businesses, plus the constant challenge to maintain prosperity for those more established, mean that paying too much for energy provision is certainly […]

Empowering SMEs to make the right decision about their energy supply

Lost in all the noise about cold calling consumers, there is actually some good news for UK SME’s coming out of the CMA’s provisional report (‘CMA Energy Market Investigation and remedies report’) published on 10th March. Energy is the lifeblood of every business, and the CMA wants SMEs to stop paying over the odds for […]

Business could save £1bn through energy behaviour change

(The Daily Telegraph) British companies could save as much as £1bn on their energy bills by changing their ‘energy behaviours’ rather than rely on technical solutions, according to Npower energy experts Npower Business Solutions, a division of the Big Six supplier, said that it has already helped customers to drive bills down by £26m after […]

CMA: Businesses paying £280m more per year for energy

(Energy Live News) Small and medium sized businesses have been paying hundreds of millions of pounds more for their gas and electricity every year. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found “excess profits” made by the Big Six companies from supplying energy to SME customers amounted to around £280 million per year from 2007 to […]

Energy-Scanner aims to get SMEs switching

(New Power) Small and medium businesses (SMEs) get a competitive raw deal, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) observed. But SMEs such as independent shops and garages, B&Bs and others sign up to 2.5 million energy contracts every year, and a new company – Energy Scanner – aims to offer them an easy online switching […]

Interview: Neil O’Hara, chief executive, Energy Scanner

(Utility Week) Our chief executive, Neil O’ Hara, speaks with utility week  on launch of Energy Scanner. Energy Scanner helps small businesses to switch energy suppliers  in just 3 minutes. Thanks to technology sitting in the background which creates bespoke quotes for each customer from the pricing matrices submitted by suppliers, small businesses can get a […]