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Fraud affects 1 in 4 small businesses every year

Last year fraud losses to SMEs were estimated at £18.9 billion according to the Action Fraud team, City of London Police, the national policing lead for fraud. At Energy Scanner we spend a fair bit of time talking to other businesses in the community so we can better serve them. We’ve noticed a familiar theme. […]

Unplug, switch off and repeat: SMEs could save up to £75 million

SMEs could save up to £75 million on business energy It’s not just the inefficient use of heating, lighting, windows and doors that contributes to energy waste in the workplace. Office equipment and electronic devices such as computers, printers and TV screens cause spikes in bills that put pressure on the bottom line. These three […]

Hidden costs harming SME community

Energy sector brokers ‘not upfront’ about their commission costs Amidst growing concern by regulators over the lack of transparency surrounding commissions being charged by brokers who sell energy to small businesses, a new online marketplace, Energy-Scanner, has launched in the UK to empower small business owners to take back control of their energy contracts. With […]

Demand-side response: five barriers to business take-up

(Utility Week) Last year, National Grid pledged to revolutionise energy in the UK, creating a flexible system that relies on demand side response (DSR) for more than 50 per cent of the time by 2030. But the system operator can’t achieve this transformation without the buy-in of customers. The most important at this stage are […]

Plan your business budget … and stay in control – expert tips

(The Guardian) In The Guardian’s live Q&A on business budget planning, Rebecca Harrison-Vickers, who looks after the SME propositions team at E.ON, said: “Energy costs tend to be the second or third biggest outgoing after rent and yet many small business owners don’t take action.” Suggested using forecasting tools to help businesses understand how they’ve […]