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Is business energy cheaper than domestic energy?

Many of our customers ask, “is business energy cheaper than domestic energy?” This question isn’t surprising because, according to the Office of National Statistics, more than 2.1m people now work from home. Many of these are what we call SOHOs (single owner home operator businesses) and micro businesses with 1 to 9 employees. Sometimes they […]

Citizens Advice new league table on business energy suppliers. Helpful or not?

Citizens Advice has launched a new league table aimed at helping small businesses compare how well energy suppliers are handling their complaints. The new ranking measures how effectively energy suppliers are dealing with complaints from small business customers across Great Britain. It places E.On on top, and Extra Energy firmly last. Information like this can […]

A very SME christmas: online tax followed by turkey

Record numbers of SMEs submitted their self-assessment tax returns to HMRC on Christmas Day last year. Despite the fact that the self-assessment tax deadline falls at the end of January, record numbers of people feel the holidays are the perfect time to file their tax returns online with HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). Government figures […]

Energy News 6 Dec 2016: Prices fall

Finally, energy prices fall back to normal levels After a couple of months of sky high prices in wholesale markets, which ultimately claimed GB Energy, we’ve finally seen normality return to wholesale power markets since prices rocketed northward in early September. The on-going uncertainty over French Nuclear seems to have dissipated, after the French issued a statement […]

What can SMEs learn from the GB Energy failure?

As posted earlier in the week, GB Energy, which supplied households, collapsed last weekend after it’s business became untenable in the face of very volatile wholesale energy prices. Co-operative Energy has come to the rescue after agreeing to take on board GB Energy’s customers, who were left without a supplier and were owed millions of pounds on their […]

GB Energy collapses

GB Energy Supply has ceased trading Late last week the independent supplier informed its 160,000 domestic customers that the company has started a process “overseen by Ofgem” to move them to a new supplier. The company blames rising wholesale energy prices for making its position untenable. Market commentators predict other independent energy suppliers may go […]

Latest Energy News 21 Nov 2016

Could the upward trend in energy prices be slowing? The last two weeks have finally seen a shift from the steep uptrend seen in wholesale gas and power markets since early September. In the power markets, short term factors are continuing to weigh heavily on short term prices, principally due to on-going uncertainty over French Nuclear. […]

Latest SME Finance News

Finding a lender just got easier for SMEs You could be forgiven for thinking the UK is an economy comprised of banks. They’re always in the headlines. Things didn’t go to well for them in 2008. And, they’ve made their feelings on Brexit pretty clear! But the reality is the UK is actually a nation […]

The Sun’s ‘explosive claims’ 15 Nov 2016

The Sun: ‘energy firms are hiding profits’. Earlier this week The Sun made some big claims that energy companies are making extraordinary profits and hiding it. A bit like listening to politicians, it’s impossible to know who’s right. The Sun alleges energy companies make too much money because consumers don’t bother to lock in great […]

Energy News – Rising Prices – 28 Oct 2016

How to avoid the skyrocketing wholesale power prices With winter approaching, most people are turning on the heating. But this winter is a little different to last.  Wholesale power prices have recently skyrocketed.  Gas prices have risen too. What’s causing the skyrocketing energy prices? The reasons for the massive power price rises are varied, but […]