Three ways to save cash with your old equipment

Older, poorly maintained and inefficient equipment is one of the biggest culprits for energy wastage. This was the analysis from the Department of Energy & Climate Change’s SME Guide to Energy Efficiency.

Much is made of industries ditching their legacy systems and equipment. But for SMEs there is often a cost constraint to throwing out the old in favour of the new. Here are a few tips to maximise the efficiency of your existing equipment:

1. Motoring ahead

A 4 kilowatt motor, turned off for an hour a day, could save around £114 a year. For SMEs that use motors as an integral part of their production, it’s paramount that they are regularly monitored so that unnecessary energy isn’t used.

2. Compress that air

Compressed air is essential to many processes. But it can also be a huge drain on energy. In fact, compressed air can account for 10 per cent of your energy bill – half of this is due to leaks. Remember to set the pressure at the lowest possible level, listen out for potential leaks and make sure unused pipework is isolated to stop these leaks.

3. Shut the fridge

Did you know that 20 per cent of refrigeration energy use can be cut with little or no investment? Make sure that air is allowed to circulate freely otherwise running costs can increase by up to 10 per cent. Also, make sure lights inside cooled spaces are turned off when not needed, and that refrigeration units aren’t overfilled so the air can circulate.