Tens of thousands affected British Gas billing errors

Are you one of thousands of small businesses affected by British Gas billing errors?

The good news is: with our contract and bill validation service we can help!

Yesterday, Ofgem (the energy industry regulator) announced it had fined British Gas £9.5m after bungling the billing and complaints of tens of thousands of its business customers during an IT upgradeOfgem’s report suggests it was microbusinesses (smaller businesses, typically with 1 to 9 employees) most affected.

While the penalty sends a strong signal to British Gas that it needs to improve (and in fairness, the company did self report the problems), identifying and recovering money you may be owed could be time consuming unless you know how to identify what you may be owed.

energy-scanner.com offers a contract and bill validation service, which provides a robust review of your electricity and gas invoices.  We understand, and can identify, exactly where common billing errors occur.

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