Citizens Advice new league table on business energy suppliers. Helpful or not?

Citizens Advice has launched a new league table aimed at helping small businesses compare how well energy suppliers are handling their complaints.

The new ranking measures how effectively energy suppliers are dealing with complaints from small business customers across Great Britain. It places E.On on top, and Extra Energy firmly last.

Information like this can be really helpful. But here’s 2 things to be mindful of before placing too much stock in these results.

  1. Complaint resolution metrics like this can be phenomenally misleading. The CA looked at time to resolve a complaint.  But things need to get very bad before a supplier will even allow a customer’s complaint to be classed as a ‘complaint’.  Why? Because they get assessed by the regulators on ‘complaint’ handling.   We know of many customers who’ve battled larger suppliers for months and months on billing issues. The supplier games the rules & refuses to classify the complaint as an official complaint. That tactic helps their complaint numbers look much better!
  2. Don’t ignore the independent suppliers. The CA only considered the very largest suppliers – those with more than 10,000 business customers. There are nearly 20 independent suppliers across the UK, many of who strive to provide exceptional customer service and genuinely do, but weren’t ‘big enough’ to appear.

How do you compare business energy suppliers?

It’s better to find a supplier that solves things before they become complaints.  Better to go with a supplier that genuinely puts customer satisfaction first; rather than one that’s simply good at resolving issues that have needlessly escalated to a ‘complaint’.

Our advice is to ask your business colleagues for recommendations, or an independent site like energy scanner for a view.

We’ve worked with all suppliers. We deal with them all on a daily basis. We’ve walked through the call centres, and observed and chatted with their front line staff.  We know which are focused on doing a better job in particular areas.  We’ve got a pretty good view!

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