Our Story

We’re different to the rest. And much much better.

We set out to do things differently to all the energy brokers, and price comparison sites.

We wanted to put you in control. We wanted to be 100% impartial. We wanted to reduce costs for everyone. And we have.

You’re in control. You choose.

Others claim to switch you in 60 seconds – but they involve filling out a form and a call back. Or worse, they cold call you again and again and again.

Forget that. Our process puts you in complete control. You can go from search to contract (switch) in less than 5 minutes. It’s all completely online, and on any device.

If you want to speak – maybe you’ve got a thorny problem or just want an idea over how much a business like yours spends. We’d love to help. You can call us on 0203 826 4908 or email team@energy-scanner.com or use our live chat. The choice is yours.

We’re 100% impartial

Every broker claims to be unbiased and impartial. They’re definitely not.

They ‘sponsor’ or ‘promote’ one supplier over another, based on different commission rates with different suppliers. Don’t believe us? Ask for their commission rates in writing.

We spent a year convincing energy suppliers of a different way. A way which is fairer for you. It was a hard sell, because no one else does this. But we didn’t give up.

Every energy supplier is on the exact same terms with us, and every supplier pays us the exact same flat fee. This means all suppliers compete equally for your business. And means you choose the best deal for you.

We are the only provider in the UK that does this.

Our team

The small team behind Energy Scanner has a diverse and rare mix of talent.

Nick’s background is in the utilities, property and finance industries. His experience spans leading both the strategy and the investment and development teams at large utility companies through to structuring loans for all sizes of businesses. He’s also a qualified lawyer.

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Paul’s an expert in designing and building software systems. He’s built systems for some of the leading names in the global aviation sector, and online shopping businesses. He leads a small team of expert developers and testers.

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Andrew’s a customer operations guru. His background includes running the customer operations and revenue management team for one of the UK’s largest energy companies. If you’ve got a thorny energy query, he’ll know the answer.

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Vibha’s background is in online marketing. She’s worked in insurance and hospitality as well as small businesses. She started her working career as a structural engineer designing bridges!

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Our principal director is Neil O’Hara. Providing governance to the business, Neil’s vision was to “disrupt the business energy buying market, making it far easier and far more transparent for customers to get the best deal on energy”. He currently runs EP UK Invest, an investment business involved in the energy sector.